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Servants 4 Him as an organization as well as each of our missionaries has an ongoing list of needs. The Lord works through people to provide for the needs of others. We believe it is important to make our needs known, but also praise Him and give Him the credit for how and when needs are met. He takes care of the needs of the birds, how much more will He take care of us.
Missionary/ProjectDescriptionDate Posted
Date Provided
Ruanos$2000/mo Support

The Ruanos would like to be available for full-time ministry in dental work and music. They continually receive requests from all over Guatemala, but today they do not have the resources to respond as frequently as they would like.

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Kendalls$1000/mo Support

The Kendalls' costs have steadily increased: health insurance, fuel, living expenses each year since 2008. They need an additional $1000/mo in support.

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Ministry Center$1000/mo Suport -
S4H started renting a large commercial space to use as classrooms for pastor and church leader training.
3/24/2014 - Updated

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