New Vehicle Needed for Juan Moises

Forrest was in Guatemala in Feb 2019 with a small team from Calvary Chapel Greer, NC. The first 3 days we taught and worked with Juan Moises.

Many of you know that several years ago Juan purchased a 1998 Toyota RAV4 for all of the traveling he does every month to train/teach pastors. His ministry has grown considerably and he frequently is asked to start teaching in other locations. He currently he working with 6 different groups of pastors in 6 locations in the departments (states) of Totonicapan and Xela (Quetzaltenango).

Juan had informed us prior to this trip that he was having more and more problems with his aging vehicle: brakes, oil and coolant leaks. He discussed with us his needed for a more reliable vehicle (and newer). He did not think it was a good idea to invest more and more into this 21+ year old vehicle.

Juan found a newer RAV4, which he has agreed to purchase. The owner was willing to take his old vehicle in trade, but there is a $5000 difference that Juan owes the seller. We would like to get this debt paid as quickly as possible. If you would like to donate toward this goal click donate now.

Newer RAV4 for Juan

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Water Filter for Caniz Familia

Juan Moises called a few days ago saying that he would like to purchase 4 water filters for families in Quiacquix, the community where he lives.   Yesterday he called to say he had given one of the filters to the Caniz family.  But there is more to this story ….

Juan explained that this family had been a cause of conflict in the community for many years.  However, with something as simple as prayer and water filter long-standing walls were broken down.  Juan was able to bless this family with the first water filter they have had and share the love of Jesus with them.   Please pray for softened hearts in this family.

Below is the text from Juan’s Facebook post (spanish with translation following).

Tomasa Caníz y su familia tuvieron su primer agua pura hoy, es un privilegio bendecir a esta familia y gracias por su apollo y oración.

Tomasa Caniz and her family received their first pure water today.  It is a privelege to bless this family.  Thank you for your support and prayers.

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2018 Mid-Year Update

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2017 Year End Update

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