Homes for Families in Need

In the Guatemalan highlands Servants 4 Him is working to provide homes for widows, abandoned women, and needy families. The new homes are built from cement blocks. Each house costs $3,000. We depend on teams to help construct these homes. For many families this is the first “real” home they have ever had. The houses have a door and a window! Each family is required to help in the construction of their home. They provide meals or snacks for the workers and frequently children in the family work along side the teams. It is a relationship-building time for everyone! There are also projects being developed to help the women provide an income for their families. There is a sewing training project to help widows generate some income. Other projects are under consideration. If you have a heart for women, especially widows and their children, we could use your help!

In 1 Timothy 5 the apostle Paul gives us  a very precise definition of a Christian widow.   Servants 4 Him certainly wants to give priority to widows according to the Biblical definition.

Additionally, the culture here in Guatemala has a much broader definition of a “widow”. Many women find themselves living like widows without any means of support.    Their husbands may have died, but many women have been abandoned.    Other may have never married and find themselves later in life without the means to support themselves.  Buy One/Build OnePoverty and lack of education areBA Logo
contributing factors.   Servants 4 Him includes this broader definition of widows we serve.

Servants 4 Him is blessed to have Brush Arbor Home Construction, in northern Virginia, as a sponsor and partner for these projects.  To donate to this project click here: DONATE.