Ministry Training Center

As Servants 4 Him has served and worked in Guatemala we have seen and learned that there are many pastors and church leaders who do not know the Bible. Many pastors rely on messages others have taught or teach from their limited understanding of the Bible. Consequently the churches they are leading are not well fed.

S4H has the vision to start a Bible School or School of Ministry to train these pastors and leaders.

The foundation of the training is discipleship and disciple making.  Second is to teach how to do inductive Bible Study. Using this as a launching point, books of the Bible will be taught so that the pastors know how to study and teach epistles, historical books, poetry books (like Psalms), major and minor prophets, and parables.

Many of these pastors and church leaders have limited formal education.  The areas they serve in are frequently oral learners.  To meet this need we have also incorporated “story telling” as a means of teaching the Gospel.  It involves memorizing sections of the Word (stories) and then teaching it through inductive study methods orally.  It has been received well.  Many who thought that they could not know God because they did not have the ability to read now know God’s Word and God’s heart for them!

In addition to teaching the Bible, students will be taught some hands-on, practical ministry tools including construction and installation of bio-sand water filters and fuel efficient stoves, and basic health and hygiene.

We, primarily Juan Aguilar, travel to churches to train and equip other pastors and church leaders.  He does this training at churches where pastors from churches in the local community can come for training at no cost to them.