B1B1 – Ratzam House Update

On Tuesday, Jan 28, Carol and Forrest had the opportunity to meet the Ratzam family.   Most of the family members do not speak Spanish, only Tzutujil (su-tu-heel).  With Pastor Efrain translating, the family expressed how grateful they are to be getting a new house.  Meet the family in the photos below:

When we arrived at the construction site the family had already torn down the adobe and cane structure to make room to start building.    However, because there was a town fair (celebration) it was impossible for materials to be delivered to start construction.

We receive photos on Saturday, February 1.   Obviously materials were delivered later in the week and construction has started.   Estimated completion time is about 2 weeks (approx. Feb 14 – how appropriate – Valentines Day!!).

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