Ministry Happens (Even While on Vacation)

Baptism @ Fall Creek Falls, TN

Baptism @ Fall Creek Falls, TN

On Saturday (Sept 26) Carol and I drove down to Fall Creek Falls State Park in TN. We stopped at an interesting outcropping of rocks  and a pool of water. There was a large crowd of people there and as we approached we could see that is was a baptism service. It was obvious to us that this church group was Spanish-speaking.

We talked with a few of the people there and learned that about 90% of the 200+ member church were from Guatemala, many from Huehuetenango.

The pastor of the church attended Guatemala Bible Seminary in Chimaltenango. In 2014 he and his family were called to Tennessee to plant a church.

Carol and I went to go see the falls, but we were invited to come back later to meet the pastor, which we did. We not only met the pastor, but the ladies in the church treated us to a typical Guatemalan lunch: churazco, chirmol, frijoles negros, and of course tortillas. 🙂

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