Zone 18 & WalMart

One of the quietest places in the city is Zone 17. It’s small and has the fewest number of people than any other area in Guatemala City. We have lived there for 6 years. Every one knows who we are. We are that Gringo family with the kid that skateboards. (even though Timmy has been gone for 6 months I still have people stopping me and asking how he’s doing). Zone 17 has only 3 public schools. All the kids know us as teacher Daniel, and Teacher Donna. We were truly happy to live there.

But this week we moved to Zone 18. Zone 18 is enormous. There are 1 million people here.  Zone 18 is called a red Zone, meaning a high crime area. There’s much gang activity here. We have moved here with the purpose of being closer to our new church.

Our neighborhood in zone 17 had lots of trees, a mini rain forest, squirrels, birds, even goats and chickens. Last night we went to sleep to the sound of a rock band. This morning we woke up to the sound of cars, trucks and buses, we’re truly in the city.

Before you get the wrong imprison of us living in a rundown neighborhood with drug dealers on every corner, I must tell you we live in a small gated-community, with guards. There is a new shopping mall and a WalMart within walking distance. Yes, those drug and gang-controlled neighborhoods are here, and right in the middle of them is our church and our schools.

We thank God we have found a safe place to live so close to where we work. Continue to pray for Iglesia El Refugio (The Refuge).

Thank you for your support and prayers.

-Dan and Donna Zellner


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