Vision Now a Reality

The vision all along has been to make disciples and to train pastors. Forrest & Carol have been faithfully doing this for 11 years without a center to work from. Their house was packed with books, materials, crafts and bunk beds! Teams would come and go. Pastors would drop in and stay awhile. And discipleship was taking place.

MH GraduationThe vision has not changed, but the application has expanded. We now have the Upper Room fully functional and have held two training sessions this year. In addition, Mercy House in Totonicapon, about 3 hours north, is hosting trainings. We have completed equipping this facility for teaching and team housing. The first training was held there last week.


As we begin in earnest to host these teachings, the feedback from the pastors (many who traveled for hours to be there) has been unanimous. “Please come to our area and continue the teachings for others to learn”. These pastors realize the importance of inductive study and are hungry to experience the full power of God’s word.


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Ratzam House Finished in Time for Valentines Day!

Tuesday Feb 11 the Ratzam house was finished. The family is very happy and praising the Lord. Pastor Efrain told us the ladies in family were crying tears of joy.

There were some unused block from the project and some unspent funds. A few more blocks were purchased to replace an adobe wall on another part of the house and a bed was purchase for the grandfather. Pastor Efrain and Betty (his wife) visited and told us that the grandfather was very happy and praising God; it was the first time in his life that he has slept on a bed.

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Pastor Efrain told us that the Ratzam house is the 53rd house that has been constructed since 2005 when Servants 4 Him first started working in San Pablo after Hurricane Stan. In 2005 no mission organizations were helping in San Pablo. Praise God for hurricanes that cause His people to see needs and respond to them. The Lord is doing amazing things through one pastor, Efrain, who continues to have a heart to help families in San Pablo.

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Ratzam Casa Update 2

Almost Finished

Almost Finished

We received a message today from Pastor Efrain that the Ratzam house is almost finished; the work should be completed Wednesday next week (Feb 12, 2014). Here is how it looks today.

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B1B1 – Ratzam House Update

On Tuesday, Jan 28, Carol and Forrest had the opportunity to meet the Ratzam family.   Most of the family members do not speak Spanish, only Tzutujil (su-tu-heel).  With Pastor Efrain translating, the family expressed how grateful they are to be getting a new house.  Meet the family in the photos below:

When we arrived at the construction site the family had already torn down the adobe and cane structure to make room to start building.    However, because there was a town fair (celebration) it was impossible for materials to be delivered to start construction.

We receive photos on Saturday, February 1.   Obviously materials were delivered later in the week and construction has started.   Estimated completion time is about 2 weeks (approx. Feb 14 – how appropriate – Valentines Day!!).

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