Ratzam Casa Update 2

Almost Finished

Almost Finished

We received a message today from Pastor Efrain that the Ratzam house is almost finished; the work should be completed Wednesday next week (Feb 12, 2014). Here is how it looks today.

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B1B1 – Ratzam House Update

On Tuesday, Jan 28, Carol and Forrest had the opportunity to meet the Ratzam family.   Most of the family members do not speak Spanish, only Tzutujil (su-tu-heel).  With Pastor Efrain translating, the family expressed how grateful they are to be getting a new house.  Meet the family in the photos below:

When we arrived at the construction site the family had already torn down the adobe and cane structure to make room to start building.    However, because there was a town fair (celebration) it was impossible for materials to be delivered to start construction.

We receive photos on Saturday, February 1.   Obviously materials were delivered later in the week and construction has started.   Estimated completion time is about 2 weeks (approx. Feb 14 – how appropriate – Valentines Day!!).

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First B1B1 House Project

Familia RatzamOn Jan 27, 2014 Servants 4 Him will start its first Buy One/Build One house construction project. The house will be built for a family in San Pablo la Laguna, Solola, Guatemala. Meet the family below.

This is family of 11 who lives in small house constructed of adobe and cane (dried corn stalks). The man has been a widower for many years and lives with his family; sadly it is a very poor family. None of the grandchildren are in school and they work in the fields. They work coffee fincas (farms) and earn Q40/day ($5.00) for the entire family.



Demolition of their current house will start on Monday (the 27th). The family is very happy; the Lord is blessing this family with a much better home.

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Prepared for 2013 Mission Teams

Mercy House Latrine

Mercy House Latrine

Servants 4 Him hopes to complete the Mercy House project in Totonicapan in 2013.

In preparation for our teams we have constructed a dry composting latrine.  One side of the latrine is used until it is full; when this happens the commode is moved to the other side and the full side is capped and left to compost for a year.   The compost can be used as a safe fertilizer in corn and bean fields.

MH Dry Composting Latrine

MH Dry Composting Latrine

The work on this latrine was completed the first week of April 2013.   Since its completion Juan has been asked by family members and others in the community of Quiacquix what it costs to build this type of latrine.    These families have pit latrines that smell horrible and when abandoned for a new latrine site leave the ground soft and unusable for years.   Juan’s uncle told me he has had numerous latrine sites over the years.

Just like our bio-sand water filters it only takes one latrine to generate interest.   Our pray is that these latrines will open more doors for us to share the gospel and make disciples in Quiacquix and the surrounding villages.

MH Shower /w Tile!!

MH Shower /w Tile!!

In 2012 the first floor of Mercy House was built with space for a shower. This is a luxury the majority of the homes in Quiacquix do not have. Juan called me a couple of weeks ago to ask me how we wanted to finish the walls and floor of the shower stall.   When we were told it was about $100 in materials to use tile Juan was instructed to use tile.   This week (April 19) this photo was taken as Juan was busy working installing tile on the walls.

This will be a huge blessing for our teams staying and working at Mercy House.   But, it will be even a bigger blessing for Juan and his family.

Forrest has stayed in other homes in Quiacquix in the past.  Bathing is done standing in front of a pila (outside general purpose concrete sink) and usually ice cold water.   If warm water it to be used it first has to be heated over a wood fire.   The Mercy House shower will also have an electric shower head which heats (warms) the water.

Widows and others who Mercy House serves will also be blessed by having a shower to use.

Thank you to all who have donated toward this project and provide regular prayer and financial support to Servants 4 Him and to Juan and Celestina.

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